About SPIC

OUR MISSION: ​​​​​​​​​To focus on Quranic solutions to moral, social, educational, and spiritual problems within our community. We value the individual's moral, social, educational, and spiritual growth and development. We want to show that God( Allah) has given answers for our problems no matter what your situation is in life. We want to show that if we follow the specific principles and gidelines, which God states in the Holy Quran, we will find the solutions which will transform negative and harmful behaviors and conditions into a rightious way of life. 
while serving this community for over 30 years, SPIC has grown with the help of our members from over 10 different countries and ethic groups. We pride ourselves as a multinational, multiethic organization, encouraging everyone from other religiious beliefs to work along with us as we grow in this mission.
While working with organizatios, churches, Synagoques, and temples to increase positive actives in our community, we are assisting our neighbors and friends to eliminate crime, drugs, violence, immorality and all types of abuses and neglects, including property blights in our neighborhoods.
We promote working with youth groups and organizations to promote human excellence in our children. We want to share the responsibility to further improve our neighborhood, community, city, state and country.